SAFe 180

evolutive system

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SAFe 180 is an illumination system developed by abbelight for high-throughput 2D single-molecule and TIRF imaging.

It can be connected to any camera port of any inverted microscope to provide a very large homogeneous illumination for an affordable price.

The ultimate
2D nanoscope

  • 20-times 2D spatial resolution improvement
  • The largest field of view: 200 x 200 µm²
  • Fits any inverted microscope
  • Low power laser needed thanks to abbelight SAFe light technology
  • Automatic switching between different illumination modes
  • Unique simultaneous two-color imaging on a single large field of view
  • Fully supported by abbelight data and abbelight research

SAFe 360

capture the evanescence

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SAFe 360 combines SAFe 180 illumination to a dual camera detection to achieve unprecedented 3D single-molecule and multi-color imaging.

SAFe technology corrects artefacts from 3D single-molecule detection and its extremely large field of view transform any type of inverted microscope into a first-class high-throughput multimodal microscope.

The ultimate evolutive
3D nanoscope

  • The highest isotropic 3D localization precision
    15 x 15 x 15 nm
  • The largest field of view
    200 x 200 µm²
  • Extended axial range with nanometer accuracy
    Up to 5 µm
  • Unique simultaneous multi-color imaging
    Up to 4 colors
  • The only artefact-free imaging instrument
    DAISY Technology