A cell biologist by training, Debora gained throughout her academic career competences in varied advanced microscopy techniques (3D-SIM, STORM, Airyscan, FCS, FRAP, confocal, WF…) and image analysis methods as well as helping and advising researchers on their microscopy experiments, all of which enable her to provide an effective access for advanced super-resolution imaging techniques.

She gained her PhD with Pierre Gönczy at EPFL in 2012 and, worked to develop improved & reproducible protocols for 3D-STORM imaging of centriolar proteins. After a brief postdoc, and given her keenness for advanced microscopies and helping researchers overcome their imaging problems, she joined the FILM facilty at Imperial College London, first as super-resolution specialist and then manager. She thrived helping and training users of different scientific background (life sciences, medicine, engineering) and at different stages of their career and on various imaging modalities. She continued helping researchers upon her return in France, specializing further in 3D-SIM and advanced image and data analysis.

She joined Abbelight in June 2021 as Head of Scientific Support, where her expertise, prior customer-centered experience and communicative personality puts her in a unique bridging position to effectively translate across biology, advanced imaging and image analysis and enable Abbelight to provide a comprehensive service in Single Molecule Localization Microscopy, “from sample to figure”.