How long does it take to deliver Abbelight's buffer?

In Europe, delivery the next working day and in other countries, delivery takes 48h.

How long can Abbelight's buffer be conserved?

Once the sample is sealed, Abbelight’s buffer can be conserved for one week. Otherwise, it can be stored, as received, for 2 months at 4°C.

Which dyes do you recommend for dual–color 3D STORM imaging?

For the majority of immunostaining applications, we recommend the combination of AlexaFluor 647 and AlexaFluor 555 conjugated secondary antibodies. Additional combinations are possible.

Which coverslips are required for STORM imaging?

Coverslips n°1.5H (Marienfeld, precision cover glasses thickness No. 1.5H (tol. ± 5 μm), minimum size: 20*20 mm or 20 mm diameter, or equivalent)

Can Abbelight's buffer be used for live imaging?

We recommend the use of our buffer on fixed samples, since the anoxic conditions needed for the photoswitching of organic fluorophores are mostly incompatible with live imaging of eukaryotic cells; however, we have successfully used it to image bacteria (Boudjemaa et al. AAC 2018).

Which fixation methods do you recommend for STORM imaging?

The best preservation of ultrastructure is in most cases obtained with chemical fixation with aldehyde (PFA, glutaraldehyde). However, in some cases, we recommend organic solvents (methanol). The choice is highly contingent on the structure of interest and, in the case of immunostaining, on the antibodies used. Thus the optimal fixation method needs to be optimized case by case.