All bioimaging research projects need an imaging solution that fits its specific needs

AbbelightTM SAFe platfom is the only upgradable solution available on the market which is compatible with all inverted microscopes.


Save time with ready-    to-use reagents and automated system


Capture and Visualize with the highest precision

Data Management

Produce and Manipulate 3D quantitative data

The AbbelightTM SAFe Platform is composed of different modular components


AbbelightTM Smart Flow

An easy-to-use automated workflow system dedicated to accurate and reproducible sample preparation for fluorescence microscopy.

With Abbelight Smart Flow and range of reagents, researchers now have a turnkey solution to save time.

a AbbelightTM SAFe Excitation

AbbelightTM SAFe Excitation box allows homogeneous illumination of samples and offers the possibility to have the largest FOV on the market.

b AbbelightTM SAFe Detection

AbbelightTM SAFe Detection is an adaptable and flexible optical module that allows different imaging modalities, from microscopy to nanoscopy.

c AbbelightTM SAFe Nexus

AbbelightTM SAFe Nexus is an all-in-one optronic bay to control and synchronize the complete SAFe platform.

AbbelightTM SAFe Software

AbbelightTM SAFe Neo Software Suite is the intuitive and user-friendly software that allows the production and manipulation of 3D quantitative data. It offers a complete workflow for all imaging modalities in Microscopy and Single Molecule Localization Microscopy.
AbbelightTM SAFe Preparation AbbelightTM SAFe Imaging AbbelightTM SAFe Data Management

The multimodal platform allows a customizable configuration to match your research projects

Our portfolio currently offer 4 different platform configurations that can be adapted to your specific experimental needs in TIRF, Widefield and Super-resolution


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Sample preparation consumables

An easy-to-use automated worklow system and ready-to-use kits dedicated to accurate and reproducible sample preparation for fluorescence microscopy.

Abbelight sample preparation product range saves time and lets you easily prepare biological samples with confidence.

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