Valentina has a PhD in Physics; she has nearly 15 years of research experience in biophysics developed between Genoa at the university of Genoa, London at Imperial College and Paris at Institut Curie. Her research interest always focused on the design and development of biophysical tools, in particular microscopy and fluorescence techniques, aimed at the studying of cell functioning and cell mechanics. The interdisciplinary environment she encountered made her a scientist at the edge of physics, biology and chemistry.

She joined abbelight in May 2018 to help further develop nanoscopy and other imaging tools at the need of the scientific community. Since June 2021 she has become Head of the R&D Imaging to coordinate and manage abbelight research developments. The synergy of different domains, optics, mechanics, software development, physics and biochemistry put the base for abbelight future imaging advances. The strong academic collaborations within the SMLM community ensure rapid traslation into product excellence: research to develop solutions that best fit client needs, research for robust, efficient, user-friendly products.