Our story

Abbelight is the result of 10 years of academic research on new detection methods for Fluorescence Microscopy, jointly led by Sandrine Lévèque-Fort (ISMO – Paris-Saclay University) and Emmanuel Fort (Langevin Institute – ESPCI Paris).

Forerunners for using Supercritical Angle Fluorescence (SAF) as a sensor for 3D imaging, the work of Sandrine and Emmanuel led to several patents and applications of SAF to different imaging techniques, including nanoscopy.

As a former PhD student of Sandrine Lévèque-Fort, Nicolas Bourg developed a strong and multidisciplinary expertise in 3D nanoscopy using SAF for 3D localization. Joined by Jean-Baptiste Marie, they decided to transfer this expertise to research labs to promote Single Molecule Localization Microscopy.

Empowered by its academic origins, abbelight aims to make 3D fluorescence nanoscopy accessible to all research laboratories.

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Why abbelight?

When you buy an instrument from abbelight,
you buy an expertise!

Our products are designed by researchers for researchers.
With our products, we want to:

Share our multidisciplinary expertise
All our experts are researchers strongly involved in education and international courses: sharing expertise is in our DNA. Our abbelight team will keep you up to date in this complex and fast evolving field, all the way through the research workflow, from sample preparation to imaging and data analysis.

Develop high performance instruments & software adapted to research needs
Our origins will always be biophotonics. In the lab, we develop advanced techniques to answer biological questions of our collaborators. At abbelight we convert those techniques into robust and accessible products and our team of software developers are making it fast, efficient, and intuitive.

Speed up research process with active help during the first critical steps of a project
Because sometimes all you need is a helping hand – and because our experts are scientist first of all – we can provide help during the first steps of a new project to increase your time-to-data, and optimize the use of your system.

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Jean-Baptiste Marie

With a strong scientific background and a PhD in condensed matter physics, Jean-Baptiste joined the team of Nicolas, Sandrine and Emmanuel to simplify access to 3D nanoscopy for cell biology. He... ic_font_btn_plus Learn more

Nicolas BOURG

After graduating as an optronical engineer in 2012 (Polytech, Paris-Sud university), Nicolas persued PhD studies within Lévêque-Fort's team (ISMO, CNRS) whose goal was to develop a 3D SMLM... ic_font_btn_plus Learn more

Emmanuel Fort

Scientific advisor

Sandrine Lévêque-Fort

Applications & Sales

Cataldo Schietroma

Application scientist
Cataldo has a PhD in Biology and several years of experience in scientific research across diverse fields. After a post-doctoral position at UCLA, in the Departments of Molecular & Medical... ic_font_btn_plus Learn more

Camille Clément

Application scientist
Camille did her PhD in epigenetics using Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy (STORM). She has experience in implementing data analysis tools dedicated to SMLM datasets (clustering, spatial... ic_font_btn_plus Learn more

Valentina Caorsi

Application scientist
Valentina has a PhD in Physics; she has nearly 10 years of research experience in biophysics developed between London at Imperial College and Paris at Institut Curie. Her research interest always... ic_font_btn_plus Learn more

Cyndelia Guillaume

Application scientist
Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Cell Imaging from Rouen University, she’s double-skilled in Cell Biology and Optics, with particular experience in Single Molecule Localization Microscopy... ic_font_btn_plus Learn more


Application scientist
Paul graduated with a Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering with a specialization in Biomedical Imaging from the Institut national polytechnique de Grenoble. He joined abbelight during his... ic_font_btn_plus Learn more

Dassine Zouaoui

Biomedical engineering apprentices
Dassine joined the application team of abbelight in September 2018 through a work-study program. She is working on sample preparation and developing solutions to optimize this step. ic_font_btn_plus Learn more

Fatiha Mahtout

Lab technician
Graduated from Paris Descartes University and ETSL she has biotech professional license, with 2 years of experience in immunology and cell culture. She joined abbelight in may 2020 as a lab technician. ic_font_btn_plus Learn more
R&D Software

Caroline Schou

Software Developer
After graduating from University of Bordeaux, Caroline started to work in the IoT world on image processing solutions for NETATMO company. She joined our software development team in April 2017... ic_font_btn_plus Learn more

Yann Kergutuil

Software developer
Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Hight Performance Computing (HPC) from the Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines university (UVSQ), he's specialized in computer architecture, multithreading,... ic_font_btn_plus Learn more

Benjamin Lazzarino

Software engineer
Graduated from the engineering school E.I.S.T.I. within "Visual Computing" option; Benjamin joined abbelight in June 2018. Inside abbelight's software development team he works on various subjects... ic_font_btn_plus Learn more

Adrien Mau

PhD candidate
Hardware production and R&D

Stanis Poutrel

Head Mechanical Design (CAD)​

Sophie Nakuleswaran

Production engineer
Graduated with a master’s degree in Cell Imaging from Rouen University, during her course she acquired skill in multidisciplinary approach of cell Imaging and in Optics. She Joined abbelight in... ic_font_btn_plus Learn more

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