Abbelight™ SAFe Bioimaging Platform

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Abbelight™ SAFe multimodal imaging platform is the only upgradable solution avalaible on the market which fits with all inverted microscopes.

Composed of different modular components:

  • A sample preparation device and a full range of reagents
  • A detection module
  • An excitation box
  • An optronic bay
  • A data management software

The multimodal platform allows a customizable configuration to match research projects in

  • TIRF
  • Widefield
  • Super-resolution microscopy

Ramp-up your research by working with the most scalable platform

4 Abbelight SAFe configurations to match projects, budgets and goals

Discover the ultimate multimodal bioimaging platform
From microscopy to super-resolution


Widefield, TIRF


WF, TIRF and multi-view



MN 360

WF, TIRF and multi-view, SMLM 2D | 3D

Capture the largest as sample
as possible for better outcomes
in biological areas

Visualize close to the coverslip with an optically perfect TIRF imaging

Watch with the largest FOV
at the frontier of both worlds

Study from classical structural microscopy to extremely precise nanoscopy, with the most modular and complete platform endowed with the latest cutting-edge technology

Adaptable to any inverted microscope

ASTER illumination – largest FOV(150 x 150 at 100 x and 250 x 250 at 60X)

Illumination mode: EPI Hilo TIRF
Widefield imaging
Automatic TIRF
Multi Dimensional acquisition
Sequential multicolor imaging
Simultaneous multicolor imaging
Spectral demixing – Multicolor SMLM
Ultimate 3D SMLM